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Fund Raising Idea:
    Cook-Book Sale

                This and all the pages regarding fund-raising initiatives are composed in part or entirely by young volunteers who have actually done the given project successfully. The authors simply want to share their experience, and it is general advice only; Trailblazers takes no responsibility for private initiatives, nor claims any percentage from those who find these ideas helpful.

Fundraiser Name: Scrabble Tournament

Description: Scrabble is all about being fluent in the language and coming up with words that might be worth a lot of points. People have fun coming up with strange and exotic words no one else has thought of.

Expected Income: if you get 20 people to play, $700 + $10 anytime someone looks at a dictionary

People Needed: one judge for each table in play, and it’s a good idea to have one person to over see everything.

 Materials Needed:

The time questions:


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