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Learning from Those Who Went Before
    What Other Pilgrims Did to Raise Funds

Many young pilgrims scratch their heads wondering what they can do to raise funds to attend World Youth Day. (And so do a good number of loving parents!) The fact is, that when a youth wishes to go, and puts forth efforts to raise the funds, he or she always succeeds. So that means two things: 1. strong effort, and 2. some good ideas on how to make those efforts bear good fruit.

So Fr. Ward asked the Trailblazers on several trips, with you, the fund-raising-pilgrim, in mind, "How did you secure funds for this trip?"  Below are some results, and Trailblazers offers this with the hope that you, too can benefit, can brainstorm, can make use of at least some of these ideas:

After pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the responses were:

After World Youth Day 2005 in Germany, the responses were:
    (alphabetical order)

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