April 01,  2009, Volume 4, Special Edition

WYD 2009 brought to you LIVE from Rome

Trailblazers is pleased to pass on to you this e-mail information.

The WYD Cross is being handed on from the Australian 2008 WYD team to the Madrid 2011 team.

WYD 2011 in Madrid is now underway!
The following e-mail is from http://www.xt3.com/.
The handover of the WYD Cross and Icon, from Sydney to Madrid, can be seen here: http://video.xt3.com/.

WYD 2009 brought to you LIVE from Rome!

Did you know that World Youth Day is an annual event held every Palm Sunday in Rome?

This Palm Sunday, on the 5th April 2009, representatives from Sydney will take part in the official handover of the WYD Cross and Icon, to the next international WYD host, Madrid.
This handover will mark the last WYD 2008 event for Sydney, and the first official event for Madrid, towards WYD 2011.
Xt3.com will bring you all the action from WYD 2009 and the handover in Rome, LIVE!
The footage will begin with the Palm Sunday Mass at 10am (Rome time), followed by the Holy Father’s Angelus message and the official handover at 12pm (Rome time).
Other Time Zones:
London: 9am Palm Sunday Mass, 11am Handover
Sydney: 6pm Palm Sunday Mass, 8pm Handover
Everyone from around the world will be able to take part in the live streaming!
You can watch it at home from your personal computer, or you and your parish, school or youth group can project the footage on a big screen to share together.
Please follow the instructions below, to find out how to set-up the live streaming!
For more information about this event, please contact Mary Elias at mary.elias@sydney.catholic.org.au

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