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Catholic Pilgrimages for Youth and Young Adults

Trailblazers Photo Galleries
    World Youth Day 2005, in Cologne Germany, with the then-brand-new Pope Benedict XVI

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10 Galleries;  919 photos!

One of the Six Retreats which Preceded our Trip (9 images)
  • Imagine doing World Youth Day without preparing spiritually! We're doing more than a trip. There is a great cultural exchange for sure, which would make the trip totally worth it; but we're going on a pilgrimage with the Pope and a million young people from all around the world, so we warm our hearts up for the adventure in the best of ways.
  • Retreats precede all our formal pilgrimages.

Picnic we had before our departure (6 images)
  • Time to meet some of our future companions for the journey!

The Trip There and Back Again (46 images)
  • A few shots of us on the plane, on trains and busses, and even on the phone doing a live Catholic Radio Interview with Teresa Tomeo!
Fulda (329 images)
  • We were VERY warmly welcomed by the Saints of Fulda for the Days of Encounter preceding the Youth Festival
Hennef (52 images)
  • Once again we were VERY warmly hosted by the Saints of Hennef, a small suburb just outside Bonn.
Bonn (15 images)
  • The week preceding World Youth Day with the Pope is the Youth Festival
Cologne (274 images)
  • The Youth Festival was held in various local cities all at the same time.
Marienfeld (153 images)
  • World Youth Day Proper
Quotable Quotes (7 images)
  • Some quotes from our pilgrims from a slide show.
  • See the section on testimonies the pilgrims gave (under construction)
The Extra Last Day (28 images)
  • Some of the Pilgrims had an extra day in Germany due to the later departure of their flight.

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