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Catholic Pilgrimages for Youth and Young Adults

Trailblazers Photo Galleries
    World Youth Day 2008, in Sydney, Australia, with Pope Benedict XVI

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19  Galleries;  2559 photos!
Day 1 (July 7-9), Trip from Detroit to Melbourne, Australia  (113 images)
  • World Youth Day without preparing spiritually! We're doing more than a trip. There is a great cultural exchange for sure, which would make the trip totally worth it; but we're going on a pilgrimage with the Pope and a million young people from all around the world, so we warm our hearts up for the adventure in the best of ways.
  • Retreats precede all our formal pilgrimages.
Day 2 (july 10),  Touring the city (394 images)

  • On this day we introduced ourselves to each other
  • Saw tthree churchs almost
  • Went up in the tallest skyscraper in Australia 
  • Had fun and made friends with other religious youth
Day 3 (July 11) Seeing the sights and the commissioning mass (320 images)

  • Morning prayer and mass
  • A trip to see the ocean
  • The commissioning mass in the eveningrofessional
Day 4 (July 12) Australian football (234 images)

  • Learning Australian football and watching a professional footie game
  • Seeing the sights
  • Ending with night prayer and having fun with friends
Day 5 (July 13) Leaving Melbourne and arriving in Sydney (317 images)

  • Early morning mass and leaving Melbourne for Sydney
  • Arriving at St. Brandoans
  • Touring the city
Day 6 (July 14) Trip to the Taronga zoo and the Sydney Opera house (287 images)

  • Mass at St. Brandoans
  • Exploring Sydney
  • Taronga Zoo and St. Mary's Cathedral
Day 7 (July15) Trip to Bondi beach, the Taronga zoo and welcoming Mass at Barangaroo (199 images)

  • Bondi Beach
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Welcoming Mass at Barangaroo
Day 8 (July 16) Some of us went to see Jason Evert and Christopher West (147 images)

  • Exploring Sydney
  • More Taronga Zoo
  • Christopher West and Jason Evert
Day 9 (July17) We saw the pope at Berragaroo (179 images)

  • Papal Arrival
  • Soccer (Papal Cup)
  • Fr. Stan Fortuna
    Day 10 (July 18) We celebrated mass and Touring the city (50 images)

    • Morning Mass
    • Stations of the Cross around Sydney
    Day 11 (July 19) Particpating in the World Youth Day Festival With the pope (116 images)

    • Walking to Randwick
    • Pre-WYD at Randwick
    • Candlelight Vigil
    Day 12 (July 20) Leaving Randwick race track (40 images)
    • Mass with the Pope
    • Leaving Randwick
    Day  13 (July 21) Another trip to Bondi beach St. Mary's Cathedral (120 images)

    • St. Mary's Cathedral
    • Another trip to Bondi Beach
    • Walking across the Sydney Harbor Bridge
    Day  14-15 (July 22-23) The plane ride to New Zealand and the journey home (43 images)

    • The Airport in New Zealand
    • Closing prayer of the trip back in Detroit

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