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Catholic Pilgrimages for Youth and Young Adults

Trailblazers Photo Galleries (Under Construction)
    Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe 2006

To enjoy the photo galleries most, please note:
    - Our pictures load fast!
    - Click on the photo-button or the text link to view each of the galleries below
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    - If you wish a higher quality image, contact us for the originals.

1096 photos in 11 galleries! Click on photo or link to view.

Day 1: Trip to Mexico, and from Mexico City to Puebla (77 images)
  • Trailblazers departed to the city with the highest population on earth
  • We drove to Puebla, and from just north of Puebla we would begin ourwWestward walk to Guadalupe
Day 2: Malinche Mountain (93 images)
  • Trailblazers always starts our pilgrimages with a silent retreat
  • We had plenty of time for prayer, spiritual direction, confession
  • Higher than 13,000 ft.!
Day 3: Teolocholco (100 images)
  • Today, it was down the mountain!
  • To a town at the foot of the mountain, our first stop, called Teolocholco
  • The parish hosted us with great joy and hospitality
Day 4: San Miguel del Milagro (98 images)
  • St. Michael the Archangel appeared in a vision here.
  • We found Fr. Eusebius by surprise, from the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross... we thought he was still in Detroit! A happy surprise indeed!
Day 5: San Salvador el Verde (45 images)
  • We started uphill again
  • The entire hike we never went lower than 10,000 ft., so the air was thin; Mexico city is somewhere around 6000 or 8000 ft above sea level
  • Hiking through the country side with the Scouts from Puebla as our guides
Day 6: A day of rest at the foot of the Iztaccihuatl (156 images)
  • Say the name of that mountain three times fast
  • Once again, at San Salvador el Verde
Day 7: The Calzada de Guadalupe (121 images)
  • The Calzada is a pedestrian zone set aside for the many thousands of pilgrims entering Guadalupe, which is in Mexico City
  • For safety we bussed from San Salvador to a secure starting point in Mexico
  • We prayed and sang, great joy!
Day 8: Mexico City (81 images)
  • Wow is this a big city
  • Careful what you eat and drink...
  • We were hosted by the parish of Fr. Uriel, Alejandro Torres' uncle
Day 9: Sunday at Guadalupe (163 images)
  • We had a day of rest and prayer, of joy and celebration, at the Basilica and surrounding campus
  • Many graces awaited us!
  • Here is the image Mary left us of her very self
Day 10: Field Trip, recreation day, pyramids of Teotihuacan (155 images)
  • Just for the cultural experience, we visited the ancient pyramids
  • In the midst of the beauty, it was sad to see neo-pagans worshiping "energies" there; a great opportunity to reflect on the truth of the Catholic faith, apologetics, and prayer
  • We prayed the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet to reclaim these lands for Christ!
Day 11: Trip Back Home (7 images)
  • Thank you, Blessed Virgin Mary, for the countless gifts you gave us!
  • Lives were changed, friendships struck, hearts enflamed with love, and minds enlightened by grace

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