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Catholic Pilgrimages for Youth and Young Adults

Trailblazers Photo Galleries
Pilgrimage to the Shrine of the North American Martyrs in Ontario, Canada 
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8 Galleries;  1211 photos!
Day 1 (August 5), Traveling from Detroit to Midland, Canada
Day 1 (August 5), Traveling from Detroit to Midland, Canada  (57 images)

  • Traveling to see the exact spot where the eight North American Martyrs were killed for they're love for god! this Pilgrimage was a life changing expereance for us, it was incrudible to see and learn about these great catholic men that served god with pure love and trust
Day 2
Day 2 (August 6), The first full day of walking, making camp at St. Patricks (273 images)

  • Morning mass and benediction
  • Stoping at Fort Willow
  • Ariving at St. Patricks for the night
Day 3 (August 7)
Day 3 (August 7), Mass at St. Pats, Stopping at Tojo's campgrounds, the icrudibly huge hill  (122 images)

  • Mass in St. Patricks chaplet
  • Tojo's Christion campgrounds for lunch 
  • Ariving at Wildfire Lodge
Day 4 (August 8)
Day 4 (August 8), Activites at Wildfire, Wye Marsh, Birds of Prey (178 images)

  • Archery and canoing at Wildfire
  • Arriving at Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre
  • Birds of Prey exhibit
Day 5 (August 9)
Day 5 (August 9), Canoing like the Martyrs, Reptile house, First mass at St, Ignace II (707 images)

  • Leaving Wye Marsh
  • A Reptile show
  • Arriving at St. Ignace II
Day 6 (August 10)
Day 6 (August 10), Seeing the martyrs village, arrivng at the church of St. Joseph (195 images)

  • Leaving the fieldSeeing the village martyrs recreated 
  • Arriving at the shrine of the North American Martyrs
Day 7 (August 11)
Day 7 (August 11), A full day at the Shrine,  (246 images)

  • Morning mass in the church
  • Spiritual talks
  • Seeing all of the statues and alters on the grounds
Day 8 (August 12)
Day 8 (August 12), Morning mass, Leaving for the US. (161 images)

  • Mass at the recreated martyrs church
  • Visit and lunch at Niagra Falls
  • Going back home to the U.S.A.

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