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Catholic Pilgrimages for Youth and Young Adults
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Packing List - Pilgrimage 2009

How should I pack?

General tips

1. Bring the minimum you can spare.
2. Remember it will be quite warm, but will get cool in the evening, a jacket or hoodie would be wise. NOTE: Trailblazers will supply one t-shirt and hoodie for all pilgrims.
3. Do not forget your passport!!!

For your convenience, the following list has been compiled. Use it as a guide, nothing more. Looking at this list will remind you of all that you need to bring, and help you leave aside unnecessary things.

Necessary things

Hiking Backpack which you can carry
The clothes you are wearing, plus 7 more days worth of clothing
     + NB: check the Trailblazers dress code first being attentive to modesty; also, it will probably get cool during the day or cold at night, and who knows whether rain will fall or not.
Tent, sleeping bag, mat/pad for under your sleeping bag and a camping pillow
     +  NOTE: It is Trailblazers policy that there be no mixed sexes in the same tent, even if they are family.
Items of toiletry for personal hygiene, cleanliness and appearance
     + It is wise to seal plastic bottles of liquids in plastic bags lest they leak in transport
     + Trailblazers suggests that each pilgrim keep a small stow of toilet paper, should any unforeseeable circumstance arise.
Swim suit (to preserve modesty if ever a situation of public showers arises)
Plastic bags for dirty/wet laundry
     + Cash and credit card (Credit card foreign use is not always reliable).
     + You will need to provide a meal for yourself when we stop on the way to Canada, and on the way back at Niagara Falls (the lunch at Niagara may be a tad bit more expensive, as it is a location high in tourism).
Pajamas or modest wear for sleeping time while we camp
Refillable water bottle
Durable walking shoes that have been broken in prior to beginning of pilgrimage; 2 pair would be an extra bonus, if you have space to carry it
Sun screen, bug spray and sunglasses
Hat to protect from sun (lots of time outside, guys!)
Small bible for your own prayer
Name-tags for backpack, and keep one on person with emergency information on it
PRIESTS: Breviary, alb, stole, cincture, oils just in case, any rites books you may need

Trailblazers will give you

“Pathfinder” Prayer Book
“Christian Prayer” Liturgy of the Hours book
One Trailblazers t-shirt and one Trailblazers hoodie
“Lifeline"” one-page emergency guide, with phone numbers or other instructions
There will be walkie-talkies and batteries provided for the group to use

Recommended items
Foam or cushion for in tent under your sleeping bag, for sleeping better
Two ponchos in case of rain
Photographic camera, with water-proof stowage
Batteries for any gatgets, gismos, thingamajigs or cachy-bachies you may have
Tough nylon String – endless possibilities of good uses while camping!
Sugar-free gum, and/or breath fresheners
Travel or security belt to carry valuables safely
Little locks for your backpack
Food: trail snacks, candies that can endure heat and moisture, jerky meats, vitamins, etc.
Chap stick
Hand wipes (such as Lysol’s or Purell’s) for hygiene’s sake.
Binoculars, if portable better
Flip-flops are good for the use of showers, for foot hygiene
If you have electrical apparati, voltage adapters or else your items will get burnt out

Other possible items

Cell phone [or PDA] (call your carrier to find out whether it will be online in Australia, and what the charges may be)
Portable radio, compass, pocket knife, waterproof matches
Lanterns, electrical/battery are more safer than gas/fire, for when dark falls around camp
Very portable folding chair: We'll need to sit, and we'll be in the wild quite a bit
Things NOT to bring

iPods and other such means of private entertainment. They may not be used on this trip. Our time together is for prayer, formation, and interacting in friendship with one another.

Sport item to bring
Hackey sack
Cricket set
Cricket bat
Hurling ball
Juggling Pins
Bowling ball
Jousting Lance

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