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Catholic Pilgrimages for Youth and Young Adults

See the detailed itinerary of our trip!
  • Which planes we'll be on
  • What our calendar looks like
  • Helps keep parents and families up to date on where their loved ones are
Packing List
  • What to bring (and what not to!)
  • Includes "must" items, and suggestions
  • This list is drawn up from years of experience on our pilgrimages
  • See our various forms: parental permission forms, code of conduct, dress code and health forms
  • Preparation for the weeks preceding our pilgrimage
  • A very useful tool for prayer and meditation

  • You need a PASSPORT to travel to and from Canada. You can find all you need to know on this US Government web site about applying for or renewing passports.
  • If you don't have a passport, remember it can take several weeks - that's right, even a few months! So apply now. The best way to do so is to go to your most conveniently located post office, where they have forms for passport applications.
  • Have you heard about the PASSPORT CARD? As big as a credit card, serves as a passport for American travel with Canada and Mexico
Teamwork Cards
  • Every Trailblazer has a responsibility in his group
  • These cards help us be super organized for a peaceful and fruitful pilgrimage
  • To get an idea of what we're preparing for Madrid 2011, see these examples from a previous pilgrimage

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Mailing Address: Trailblazers Youth Pilgrimages, 700 Maple Vista, Imlay City, MI 48444