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Catholic Pilgrimages for Youth and Young Adults

World Youth Day 2011, Madrid, Spain
        August 2011 (Travel dates: Aug. 9 - 23, 2011 inclusive)

  • August 9, Flight from Detroit to Santiago de Compostela (Lacolla Airport)
  • August 9, Bus or taxis from Santiago to our host parish for Days in the Diocese.
  • August 14, Bus or taxis from our host parish to a local train station.
  • August 14, Train from Santiago to Madrid.
  • August 14, Bus or taxis from train station in Madrid to our host parish for WYD.
  • August 23 (or late August 22), Bus or taxis from our host parish to the airport for our return flight.
  • August 23 (or late August 22), Flight from Madrid to Detroit.
Total: $2,794.74, which covers (each point explained lower on this same page):
  • Travel arrangements
  • Participation in World Youth Day in Madrid, and Days in the Dioceses in Santiago de Compostela
  • Additional services from Trailblazers Youth Pilgrimages
Note: a packing list is provided on the Trailblazers Web Site (under development), included recomended amounts of spending money, based on previous pilgrims' experiences.
Travel arrangements
  • Phase one of the trip:
    • Train or Charter bus ride SE Michigan to Chicago (Aug. 9, 2011)
    • Flight Chicago-Madrid (Aug. 9, 2011)
    • Flight Madrid-Santiago de Compostela (Aug. 10, 2011)
  • Phase two of the trip:
    • Train from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid (Aug. 14, 2011)
  • Phase three of the trip:
    • Flight from Madrid to Chicago (Aug. 23, 2011)
    • Train or Charter bus ride from Chicago to SE Michigan (Aug. 23, 2011)

Participation in Days in the Diocese (in Santiago de Compostela) and World Youth
Day 2011 (in Madrid), including
  • World Youth Day with the Pope, and 1 million+ other youth from all around the
  • world!
  • Prior to this, five days in Santiago de Compostela, one of the oldest (and most beautiful) Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world
  • Housing (simple accommodations – bring a sleeping bag)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Accident insurance (flight insurance not included)
  • A pilgrimage backpack, including:
    • A handbook for all WYD activities
    • Public transportation pass for Madrid for whole week of WYD
    • Hat and WYD T-shirt
    • Madrid guidebook, and other various items
    • Pass for free entrance to all WYD cultural activities (concerts, exhibits, museum visits, etc.)
    • Priority access to all areas reserved for WYD participants and ceremonies
  • Visits from three English speaking bishops on different days
  • …and much more…!
Additional services from Trailblazers
  • On-site chaplain 24/7
  • 3 day retreat / prep session
  • (mandatory, tentative for July 8-10, Imlay City)
  • Christian Prayer book
  • Two Trailblazers t-shirts
  • Trailblazers support staff for
  • Emergency and organizational materials

Payment schedule:
  1. On registration $200 non-refundable deposit upon registration
  2. November 15, 2010 $200 (This means that $350 total is due by Nov. 15.)
  3. January 24, 2011 $800
  4. April 21, 2011 $800
  5. June 15, 2011 $400
  6. July 8, 2011 $394.74, due upon arrival at preparatory retreat
  • This package is approximately $100 less expensive than what is offered by the Archdiocese of Detroit Youth Ministry Office ($2,879), with whom you would have already had to
  • have registered by October of 2009. This is a great opportunity!
  • Financial aid may be available upon request, depending on the generosity of our benefactors.
  • Price is guaranteed as long as our group seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. When these spots are filled, Trailblazers can acquire more spots for pilgrims, but the price for these will be determined only when they are requested.
Cancellation policy:
Prior to April 28, 2011, $200 penalty for cancellation, represented by your non-refundable down payment. After that date, all payments are non-refundable for cancellation. It is possible, but not yet certain, that you can “sell” your seat to another late-comer pilgrim, which will be handled on a case-by-case basis with the airline, Trailblazers and a travel agent.
Pilgrim's Page
  • As the days draw near, all information, forms, announcements, packing suggestions, etc., can be found here.
  • Partially ready, see here what we have so far (Under construction)

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