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Catholic Pilgrimages for Youth and Young Adults

Pilgrimage 2017, to the Cathedral of Venerable Baraga, U.P. Michigan.

        dates are still being solidified  (including travel dates)

Itinerary (although plans are still being made, this is our current plan for the 2017 pilgrimage)
  • Day 1: pilgrims will meet in the church hall in the evening and spend the night so that the traveling can start early the next day. If all goes according to plan, we should arrive at the Barraga Chapel and celebrate Mass early in the afternoon. From there we will travel to Fayette to set up camp 
  • Day 2: we'll pack up and head to the Porcupine Mountains to set up camp at Union Bay Campground. We'll be hiking around the Mirror Lake area. 
  • Day 3: we'll hike in the Lake of Clouds area
  • Day 4: we'll head to Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor and have a recreational day
  • Day 5: we'll pack up and go to Marquette and see the Canyon Fallls and do some hiking, stopping at Lake Lindon
  • Day 6: we'll visit the Cathedral and the tomb of Venerable Baraga and go to the Pictured Rocks for a tour 
  • Day 7: we'll go to Culhane State Park to set up camp and have a fun day of exploring the park 
  • Day 8: we'll pack up and hike to the Lower Tahquamenon Falls which will take all day
  • Day 9: we'll spend the day canoeing on the Tahquamenon River
  • Day 10: we'll have a recreational day in Sault St. Marie
  • Day 11: we'll pack up and head home, we'll visit Cross Village, getting fast food lunch on the way, hoping to return to Sacred Heart in the afternoon

Total cost is not yet known, which covers (each point explained lower on this same page):
  • Travel arrangements
  • Participation in all the events of the pilgrimage
  • Additional services from Trailblazers Youth Pilgrimages
Note: a packing list will be provided on the Trailblazers Web Site (under development), included recomended amounts of spending money, based on previous pilgrims' experiences. A tent and hiker's backpack will be necessary.
Travel arrangements
  • travel arrangements are still being made

Preparatory events
  • A mandatory 3 day spiritual retreat will be offered prior to the trip, stay tuned for more information
  • Fundraising and some warm-up walking and canoeing will be very helpful for a successful trip
Additional services from Trailblazers
  • On-site chaplain 24/7
  • 3 day retreat / prep session
  • Christian Prayer book
  • Three Trailblazers t-shirts
  • Trailblazers support staff 
  • Emergency and organizational materials
Fundraising Opportunities
  • Need some assistance getting money for the trip?
  • Volunteer positions are open!
  • Coming in late? Never fear! We will negotiate with individual cases
  • Do you want to participate but have some special financial challenges? Contact us, and Fr. Ward will see how we can help you
List of fundraising events and the dates that we did for our last pilgrimage

Payment schedule:
      - details to come
Pilgrim's Page
  • As the days draw near, all information, forms, announcements, packing suggestions, etc., can be found here.
  • (Under construction)

 Contact us: stisaac (@)
(810) 724-1135     *
Mailing Address: Trailblazers Youth Pilgrimages, 700 Maple Vista, Imlay City, MI 48444