Trailblazers E-Letter for Young Adults

January 2007

Volume 2 Issue 1
Editor - Virginia

Catholic Youth Pilgrimages for Young Adults

A Trailblazer with the Family who Cooked for Us in Mexico
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Papal prayer intentions for January

Cyber Sisters

Gear Up For The March For Life!!

Two different views on Mel Gibson's new film Apocalypto -
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Testimony from one of the Trailblazers
Find out how Lisa Fulgenzi learned about charity during the trip to Guadalupe  . . .

Meet the Donut Man
Rob Evans, the Donut Man, believes that “life without Jesus is like a doughnut; there’s a hole in the middle of your heart.” Last Easter, he and his wife became Catholics.

Neoticos Corner
December 25 is the day we celebrate Christ's Birthday. There was a time however, when this date was celebrated in a very different manner.  more . .

Letter From the Editor
The Editor makes a special observation on Mel Gibson's new film Apocalypto.  more . . .
 World Youth Day 2008
Travel with Trailblazers to WYD 2008 in Sydney, Australia!!
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North American Martyrs Pilgrimage

Join Trailblazers as they trace the route of the first North American Maryters this July. For more info visit our website.

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