Trailblazers E-Letter for Young Adults

January 2007

Volume 2 Issue 2
Editor - Virginia

Catholic Youth Pilgrimages for Young Adults

Our Scouts Cooking Dinner For Us In Mexico
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Papal prayer intentions for January

Mixed Feelings Over Saddam's Death

Gear Up For The March For Life!!

Prophetic Meanings in Humanea Vitea

Building Bridges to a Culture of Life

Let's Do Something Pro-life
When: Saturday February 3, 2007 from 8:00-9:30 am
Where: Northland Family Planning Ctr.
37300 Dequindre Sterling Heights
(1/2 mile north of 16 mile)
What: Praying at an abortion clinic for aborted babies and their mothers
Why: So that we may be witnessess to our God given human dignity

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Testimony from one of the Trailblazers
Lisa Fulgenzi learns about multiple virtues in the last part of her testimony.
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The Herod of Our Time
What is the great plague of the 21st century? Bird flu? Terrorism? Global warming? No, none of these. The pandemic of our century is pornography. This scourge was already severe in the twentieth century with the development of color photography, moving pictures, and cable television. But with the advent of the Internet age, pornography is freely and effortlessly available in nearly every home.
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Neoticos Corner 
Recently, I found myself intrigued by a social commentator on the radio.  The gentleman was making an argument that people are not necessarily being selfish or materialistic when they are unsatisfied and want more of something.  The commentator stated: “Man can not be satisfied, cows can be satisfied but it is not in a man’s nature to be satisfied he will always want more.”  
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Letter From the Editor
A special request from the Editor
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 World Youth Day 2008
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North American Martyrs Pilgrimage

Join Trailblazers as they trace the route of the first North American Maryters this July. For more info visit our website.

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