Trailblazers E-Letter for Young Adults

February 2007

Volume 2 Issue 5
Editor - Virginia

Catholic Youth Pilgrimages for Young Adults

        Fr. Paul Ward giving a homily in Mexico
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Papal prayer intentions for February

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A Rapper Repents to Perpetrating an Abortion for His Child

Building Bridges to a Culture of Life

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What the Heck are They Singing About? (part I)
Is there a real choir in your parish? If there is a choir, it is more probably a song group accompanied by  guitar, perhaps with drums and bass guitar. The traditional choir, the mainstay of Catholic liturgy - with a repertoire of great beauty - has all but vanished in the parishes.
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A Different Kind of Pilgrimage (part I)
It is known as the "Holy Year Cross", the "Jubilee Cross", the "WYD Cross", the "Pilgrim Cross". Many call is the "Youth Cross" as it was given to young people to take around the world to any place at any time. Here is the story of that Cross.
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Neoticos Corner
What commander would send troops blindly into danger?  What type of friend would not warn a neighbor of some imminent threat?  What type of mother would send her children into harms way without warning them?
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Letter From the Editor
The editor witnesses the example of love in one amazing married couple.
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North American Martyrs Pilgrimage

Join Trailblazers as they trace the route of the first North American Maryters this July. For more info visit our website.

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