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Catholic Pilgrimages for Youth and Young Adults


Are you interested in helping Trailblazers?

    We are always ready to invite volunteers to collaborate with Trailblazers! We would LOVE to have you join us!


Why volunteer to work with Trailblazers?

    Trailblazers is an apostolate. Working on any apostolate is fruitful for your spiritual life, earns a partial indulgence, and enables you to collaborate in the Church's mission to spread the faith.

    Collaborating with this apostolate enables you to contribute concretely to your local community, participate in forming young people in faith and culture, and to help youth know and love and imitate Jesus Christ.


Are there other reasons?

    The time you dedicate to Trailblazers can also be a very valuable way to acquire volunteer hours for service projects or academic or professional requirements.


How can I volunteer?

    You can fill out the form below. Trailblazers requires your name, e-address and age. You can include comments. Please check any boxes where you have interest in helping or even just learning more. Don't forget to press the "submit" button below, or we will not receive your information.


What will happen if I fill out this form (below) and send it in?

    If you are interested, contact us by sending us your name and e-mail, checking as many boxes you like below to show us where your interests are, and Trailblazers will contact you. Since volunteering for this apostolate is a serious commitment, you will be interviewed by the director and one or more of the volunteers, so everyone involved can make sure this is something good for you, and that the commitments you may wish to undertake are as attractive as realistic, considering your own interests, skills, and possibilities of time and transportation. By contacting us for more information you have not yet made a commitment, and you'll have plenty of opportunity to express your desires and thoughts before Trailblazers will allow you to undertake any part of the apostolate.


What if I'd like to do a certain job, but I'm not sure exactly how to do it?

    Trailblazers trains each volunteer to do the job he or she signs up for.




The following three fields are required:




Your birthdate*

  •         (Note: any date format is fine)


    Anything else you want to say to us? Enter your comments in the space provided below. And don't forget to check one or more of the boxes below!


    The following list of volunteer positions is divided into two parts: the service to the apostolate itself, and the fund raising required to make possible the many activities Trailblazers organizes. Please check any number of boxes below, where you might be interested in either learning more about that or even doing that type of work.


    I. Apostolate Service


    Getting projects going

                    Days in the Diocese Coordinator

                    Days in the Diocese Logistics Assistant

                    Trailblazers Pilgrimage Planning Director

    For those with skills for organization and office work

                    Inter Team Communication Manager

                    Formation Coordinator

                   Travel and Schedule Logistics Assistant

                   Web Engineer

                   Registration Assistant

                   Project Manager


                   Database Engineer     

                   Testimonies Researcher

    Spread the Word

                   Recruiter (Promotions... we need lots of volunteers here!)

                   Media Coordinator (Advertising and the like)

                   Printer and Graphic Designer

                   The Compass Editor

                   Promotional Materials Developer

    Where it all matters: the spiritual life

                   Coordinating Assistant of Spiritual Services


    II. Fund Raising


    Help raise funds! (our “Young Pilgrim Fund”)

                   YPF Director’s Secretary

                   Grants Manager

    For those fundraisers with skills for organization & office work

                   Donor Base Researcher

                   Fund Raising Literature Researcher  

                   YPF Think Tank        

                   YPF Promotions Manager     

                   Site Manager (for fund raising events)

                   Data Jockey and Record Keeper       

                   A-Thons Director       

                   Sponsors Manager      

                   VIP Manager 

                   Corporate Donations Manager           

                   Mass Mailing Manager           

    Thank you for writing to us! Click "submit comments" below. If your e-mail client, for example Outlook or Netscape or whatever, opens up, just send us the e-mail as it is. If for any reason there's a difficulty, you can write us (see our e-mail address below) or call us, and we'll be happy to help! 

  • Contact us:
    Virginia: editor of The Compass -
    Amy : Trailblazers Secretary-
    (248) 722-5808     *
    Mailing Address: Trailblazers, WYD, Inc., c/o Bovitz, CPA, C.P., P.O. Box 445 , Trenton, MI 48183